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Friends Policy

The Library Board of Trustees in establishing a policy regarding the Friends of the Duxbury Free Library recognizes the formation of an incorporated non-profit organization, whose purpose is to promote, advocate for and support the library. The Director of the library will coordinate all requests for funds from the Friends to ensure that the library is appropriately supported.

While purposes vary based on group interests and community needs, Friends of the Library should be organized with one or more of the following objectives:

  1. To create public support for an expanding library program.
  2. To encourage gifts for the library.
  3. To provide direct financial assistance to purchase items not covered in the regular budget.
  4. To work for library legislation or appropriations.
  5. To intensify community awareness and use of library.
  6. To raise money and campaign for a new building, renovation or expansion.
  7. To aid in public relations by informing the community about the library's services, and communicating the needs of the community to board and staff.
  8. To call public attention to outstanding achievements of the staff and library.

The Trustees will attempt to assist and support the Friends by:

  • Meeting annually to plan and define goals.
  • Inviting and welcoming Friends to Trustee Meetings. Appointing a specific trustee representative as liaison to Friends in order to keep them informed of library plans and policies.
  • Providing information as requested and welcoming input.
  • Working with Library Director to draft procedures and regulations relevant to Friends' activities.
  • Endorsing those advocacy, fundraising, and promotional efforts that are done with the Trustees' knowledge and the Library Director's coordination and are specified within the framework of the library's long range plan, goals and objectives.

The activities of the Friends of the Library should be planned with the approval of the Library Director and not place excessive demands on the staff. They should attempt to recruit new members, keep them active and informed.