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Meeting Room Use by public

The Duxbury Free Library offers use of its public meetings to both non-profit and profit-making entities. These include the Merry Room, the Setter Room, the Lower Level Lobby, the lower kitchen, and the Lanman Room. Non-profit entities may use the meeting rooms for free during normal library operating hours but will be charged a fee for use outside normal library hours. Profit-making entities will be charged fees both during and outside normal operating hours. Meeting rooms must be booked by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older. Library needs take precedence over outside requests.

Meeting rooms are available for booking as follows:

  • The Merry Room, the Setter Room, the Lower Level Lobby and kitchen areas are available during and outside of library operating hours.
  • The Lanman Trustees Room may be used only during library operating hours, except by special arrangement with the Library Director.

Use of the meeting rooms by any group in no way implies endorsement by the Library of that group's policies or activities. Use by individuals for the purpose of conducting a political campaign or advocating an issue before the electorate is welcome as long as the library can meet state requirements for provision of equal access. The Library Director reserves the right to reject any application.

The serving of alcoholic beverages during an event is permitted only at functions sponsored by the Library or its fund-raising affiliate organizations. Any application must meet the requirements of the Board of Selectmen Manual, Section 4, and be approved by the Board of Library Trustees before an application is submitted to the Selectmen.

The Town of Duxbury, the Duxbury Free Library, its Board of Trustees, Library Director, employees and volunteers assume no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any property of any group, individual or organization using the Library facilities.

Requests for reconsideration of the policy:

  • An individual or group may appeal this policy by discussing the issue in question with the director. The director will make a decision and notify the person in writing.
  • If the party wishes to appeal the decision, he/she may send a written request to the Board of Trustees.
  • The Board of Trustees will discuss the concern with the party at a Board meeting. The Board will vote on the appeal and send notification of the decision in writing within seven days of the vote. The decision of the Board is final.


The Board of Library Trustees endorses the following procedures:

Booking Procedures:

  • A request for the use of a meeting room must be made in writing on the form provided by the Library at least seven (7) days prior to the date of use.
  • Requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Scheduling conflicts are resolved at the discretion of the Library Director.
  • Twenty-four (24) hour notice of cancellation is required, except in a weather emergency.
  • Please list the hours you would like to be in the room. (This may be longer than the hours of your meeting and should include set up and clean up time.) The room will not be unlocked until ten (10) minutes before the start time requested on the application.

Regulations for use:

  • All facilities must be restored by the user to their original condition. Failure to do so may incur a penalty.

  • Equipment owned by the Library may be made available at the discretion of the Library Director. Any additional equipment must be approved by the Library Director

  • All posted room capacities, safety requirements, etc., are to be carefully observed. The Library may require the user to provide additional security.

  • Activities must end at times specified by the Library Director.

  • All food and drink must be confined to the Lower Level.

  • No program or meeting shall interfere with or disturb the normal operation of the library.


  • Fees are to be paid in full one (1) week in advance. Any incurred expenses (damages, police attendance, etc.) must be paid within twenty-four (24) hours.

  • The fee structure for use of the meeting rooms shall be as shown on the fee schedule adopted by the Board of Library Trustees.

  • Non-profit groups may use the rooms for free during library hours. Other groups will be charged fees. Checks must be made payable to the “Town of Duxbury”.

Merry Room, lower level
$120.00 for 1-3 hours, $40 for each hour therafter
Setter Room, lower level
$40 for 1-3 hours, $15 for each hour thereafter. $35 for each hour after Library hours
Lanman Room, upper level
$40 for 1-3 hours, $15 for each hour thereafter.

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