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Duxbury Free Library's
Community Summer Reading Program

Louisiana Authors and Louisiana Fiction
Adult Reading Selections

Abbott, Jeff Panic: A Novel of Suspense (2005)

Alison, Jane Marriage of the Sea (2003)

Axler, James Shadow Scourge (2000)

Azzarello, Brian 100 Bullets: The Hard Way (2005)

Bebris, Carrie Pride and Prescience (2003)

Becnel, Rexanne Old Boyfriends (2005)

Benoit, Brent All Saints Day (2002)

Biguenet, John Oyster (2002)

Blackstock, Terri Private Justice (1998)

Blake, Jennifer Challenge to Honor (2005)

Boggs, Johnny Dark Voyage of the Mittie Stephens (2004)

Bradley, John My Juliet (2002)

Bramlett, Terry Formidable Enemy (2005)

Brite, Poppy Z. The Devil you Know (2003)

Brown, John Audubon's Watch (2001)

Bunkley, Anita Wild Embers (1996)

Burke, James Lee Crusader's Cross (2005)

Butler, Robert Mr. Spaceman (2001)

Capote, Truman Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948)

Capps, Ronald Off Magazine Street (2004)

Carver, Lynne Dreaming Pigs (2002)

Childress, Mark Gone for Good (1998)

Codrescu, Andrei Messiah (1999)

Colbert, James God Bless the Child (1992)

Coleman, Carter Cage's Bend (2005)

Colley, Barbara Polished Off (2004)

Connolly, John Every Dead Thing (1999)

Corcoran, Tom Gumbo Limbo (1998)

Croft, Barbara Necessary Fictions (1998)

Davis, Rod Corina's Way (2003)

Despres, Loraine Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell (2005)

Dewberry, Elizabeth Sacrament of Lies (2002)

Dickson, Athol River Rising (2006)

Diliberto, Gioia I am Madame X (2003)

Domingue, Ronlyn Mercy of Thin Air (2005)

Donaldson, D.J. Sleeping with the Crawfish (1997)

Drake, Shannon Beneath a Blood Red Moon (2000)

Drummond, Laurie Lynn Anything You Say Can and Will be Used Against You (2004)

Due, Tananarive Black Rose (2000)

Dufresne, John Johnny Too Bad (2005)

Eddy, Paul Flint (2000)

Effinger, George Alec When Gravity Fails (1987)

Edwards, Louis N (1997)

Fawcett, Quinn Honor Among Spies (2004)

Files, Lolita Child of God (2001)

Flanagan, Richard Gould's Book of Fish (2002)

Fox, Andrew Bride of the Fat White Vampire (2004)

Friedman, Patty Eleanor Rushing(1999)

Fulmer, David Chasing the Devil's Tail (2001)

Funderburk, Robert All the Days were Summer (1997)

Gaines, Ernest Mozart and Leadbelly (2005)

Gatreaux, Tim Same Place, Same Things (1996)

Gear, Kathleen O'Neal People of the Owl (2003)

Gifford, Barry Sinaloa Story (1998)

Gilchrist, Ellen Nora Jane: a Life in Stories (2005)

Goonan, Kathleen Crescent City Rhapsody (2000)

Grant, Charles In the Mood (1998)

Grimsley, Jim The Boulevard (2002)

Guillory, Terrell Schilling: from a Study in Lost Time (2003)

Gunn, Robin Jones Gardenias for Breakfast (2005)

Hailey, Arthur Hotel (1965)

Hambly, Barbara Dead Water (2004)

Handeland, Lori Crescent Moon (2006)

Harris, Charlaine Dead as a Doornail (2005)

Hearon, Shelby Ella in Bloom (2000)

Hepinstall, Kathy House of Gentle Men (2000)

Herren, Greg Bourbon Street Blues (2003)

Hickman, Patricia The Touch (2002)

Hill, Ernest It's All About the Moon When the Sun Ain't Shining (2004)

Holby, Cindy Crosswinds (2004)

Hollis, Tom Honky Tonk Logic (1996)

Hotchner, A.E. Louisiana Purchase (1996)

Howard, Linda Kill and Tell (1998)

Hurd, Jimmy Turnaround (2005)

Iles, Greg Blood Memory (2005)

Inness-Brown, Elizabeth Burning Marguerite (2002)

Irvine, Ian Terminator's Gene (2003)

Jackson, Brian Keith The Queen of Harlem (2002)

Jancar, Drago Mocking Desire (1998)

Jarrard, Kyle Rolling the Bones (2001)

Jekel, Pamela Bayou (1991)

Johnson, Guy Echoes of a Distant Summer (2002)

Jones, Patricia The Color of Family (2004)

Kelton, Elmer Sons of Texas (2005)

Kemper, Marjorie Until that Good Day (2003)

Kimmel, Haven Something Rising (2004)

King, Gabriel The Golden Cat (1999)

King, Jonathon Shadow Men (2004)

Koontz, Dean City of Night (2005)

Lagasse, Mary Helen The Fifth Sun (2004)

Lawrence, Carole Looking for Mary Gabriel (2002)

Linsley, Clyde Saving Louisa (2003)

Lovelace, Merline A Savage Beauty (2003)

Lunch, Lydia Toxic Gumbo (1998)

March, Stephen Catbird (2006)

Martin, David Lozell Pelikan: Love, Redemption & Felony Theft (1999)

Martin, Valerie Property (2003)

Matlock, Curtiss Ann Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel (2004)

McCammon, Robert Gone South (1992)

McDonough, Yona Four Temperaments (2002)

McGlothin, Victor What's a Woman to Do? (2003)

McMurtry, Larry Sin Killer (2002)

Mills, Deanie Francis Ordeal (1997)

Mills, Elizabeth Isle of Canes (2004)

Mitchard, Jacquelyn Twelve Times Blessed (2003)

Morris, Lynn Secret Place of Thunder (1996)

Mosher, Howard Frank The True Account (2003)

Mosley, Walter Walkin' the Dog (1999)

Murphy, Sean Time of New Weather (2005)

Nance, Kathleen Spellbound (2003)

Neate, Patrick Twelve Bar Blues (2001)

Nevin, David Eagle's Cry (2000)

Nicholas, Denise Freshwater Road (2005)

Norton, Andre Leopard in Exile (2001)

O'Connell, Carol Stone Angel (1997)

Oke, Janette Beloved Land (2002)

Olshan, Joseph Vanitas (1998)

Palmer, Karen All Saints (1997)

Paolini, Nicole Swamp Gas (2000)

Parkhurst, Carolyn The Dogs of Babel (2003)

Parry, Owen Rebels of Babylon (2005)

Percy, Walker The Moviegoer (1961)

Perry, Steve Spindoc (1994)

Pineiro, R.J. Exposure (1996)

Plain, Belva Crescent City (1984)

Poole-Carter, R. What Remains (2002)

Powell, Padgett Edisto Revisited (1996)

Poyer, David Country of our Own (2003)

Proulx, Annie Accordion Crimes (1996)

Raboteau, Emily Professor's Daughter (2005)

Rawles, Nancy Love Like Gumbo (1997)

Ray, Francis Someone's Knocking on My Door (2003)

Reaves, J. Michael Voodoo Child (1998)

Redmann, Jean The Intersection of Love and Desire (1995)

Reid, Nicole Louise In the Breeze of Passing Things (2003)

Rhodes, Jewell Parker Voodoo Season (2005)

Rice, Anne Blackwood Farm (2002)

Rice, Christopher A Density of Souls (2000)

Ringo, John Princess of Wands (2006)

Robards, Karen Ghost Moon (2000)

Roberts, Nora Honest Illusions (1992)

Sallis, James Bluebottle (1999)

Sawyer, Cheryl Siren (2005)

Scott, Joanna Cassandra, Lost (2004)

Scully, Helen In the Hope of Rising Again (2004)

Shapiro, Robert Misconception (2001)

Sharp, Paula I Loved you All (2000)

Shepard, Lucius Louisiana Breakdown (2003)

Sherman, Dayne Welcome to the Fallen Paradise (2004)

Simmons, Danny Three Days as the Crow Flies (2003)

Skinner, Robert Blood to Drink (2000)

Smith, Bobbi Wanton Splendor (2002)

Smith, Julie Kindness of Strangers (1996)

Stone, Irving President's Lady (1996)

Stone, Katherine Imagine Love (1996)

Straight, Susan Million Nightingales (2006)

Swerling, Beverly Shadowbrook (2004)

Tademy, Lalita Cane River (2001)

Tarlton, John The Cost of Doing Business (2001)

Taylor, Mel Mitt Man (1999)

Tenney, Jeffrey Corps of Discovery (2001)

Tervalon, Jervey Lita (2003)

Thrasher, Travis Gun Lake (2004)

Toole, John Kennedy A Confederacy of Dunces (1980)

Tyree, Omar Leslie (2002)

Ward, Amanda Eyre How to be Lost (2004)

Warren, Robert Penn Band of Angels (1994)

Watson, Peter Capo (1998)

Weill, Gus The Cajuns (2004)

Wells, Rebecca Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (1996)

Wheeler, Richard Eclipse (2002)

White, Karen Whispers of Goodbye (2001)

Wilcox, James Heavenly Days (2003)

Williamson, Penn Mortal Sins (2000)

Wiltz, Chris Glass House (1994)

Worth, Lenora After the Storm (2004)

Wray, John Canaan's Tongue (2005)

York, Rebecca Spellbound (2005)

Booklist compiled by C. Loper, June 2006

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