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No Place for Hate Resources

The following videos, DVDs and books have been acquired by the Library through a “No Place for Hate” grant from the Anti-Defamation League, funded by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the Duxbury Education Foundation. All items are available for check-out. The library's call number is provided.


Aborigine (1997)
A unique look into an ancient culture including aboriginal traditions, art, survival skills, social structure and a dramatization of aboriginal battle. Part of the Great Cultures, Great Nations Series. Running Time: 120 minutes.

About US: the Dignity of Children with Oprah Winfrey
Children from all over the world talk about love, spirituality and their parents. Gain insight into the emotional ups and downs that a child goes through on a regular basis. Running Time: 94 minutes.
VIDEO 305.23 ABO

Aida’s Brothers & Sister: Black Voices in Opera (2000)
Chronicles the history and present situation of African-American opera singers in the United States. Examines the struggles and successes in the careers of several prominent African-American opera singers. Running Time: 90 minutes.

American Eyes (CBS School Break Special)
This contemporary drama allows viewers to share the experience of prejudice firsthand, serving as a catalyst for classroom discussions on a number of related topics including America's pluralistic society, minority rights, contributions of multiethnic and multiracial groups, values, stereotyping, decision-making and family relations. Running Time: 30 minutes.

Bosnia War Crimes Trial (2000)
Examines the Bosnian War Crimes trials and looks at the criminals who were accused of participating in the human rights abuses in the Balkans in the early 1990s. Explores how the criminals were brought to justice under the scope of international law. Running Time: 50 minutes.

Echoes of the Past (1991)
A poignant study of Jewish shtetl life before the holocaust. It combines hundreds of rare archival photos and previously unseen film footage, with live action sequences on location at the sites of former Jewish communities in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Simon Weisenthal Center. Running Time: 60 minutes.

Genocide (1981)
Historical narrative with actual stories of people caught in the Nazi terror. Simon Weisenthal Center. Running Time: 83 minutes.
VIDEO 940.531 GEN

Gumboots: An Explosion of Spirit and Song (2000)
The program also includes a 53-minute documentary tracing the history of the dance, looking at how this style of dance originated in the oppressive gold mines of South Africa where the workers were forbidden to speak . Running Time: 80 minutes.

In Search of Peace (1994) Part One: 1948 – 1967.
This film chronicles the first two decades of Israel's existence, offering new insights on the origins of the Middle East conflict. Running Time:111 minutes.
VIDEO 956.042 INS

Cliques: Behind the Labels (2000)
Actor Jerry O'Connell examines the truth behind high school cliques. Students will meet the "popular girls," the "skaters," the "Goths," the "freaks" and the "geeks," and discover that they are more alike than anyone might think. PBS series In the Mix. Running Time: 30 minutes.

Teen Solutions to Racism (1996)
This program looks at the "Kids to Korea" program, the "Seattle Young People's Project" that challenges the school board to establish a multicultural curriculum. PBS series In the Mix. Running Time: 30 minutes.

What’s Normal: Overcoming Obstacles and Stereotypes (2001)
In this program, teens speak out honestly about living with physical problems such as learning disabilities, deafness, and the loss of a leg. Also introduced are teens living in foster care group homes, as well as gay teens facing their own challenges. PBS series In the Mix. Running Time: 30 minutes.

Liberation (1994)
The dramatic story of the Allied campaign to liberate Europe and Hitler’s genocidal war against the Jews. Simon Wiesenthal Center. Running Time: 100 minutes.
VIDEO 940.54 LIB

The Long Way Home (1997)
For survivors of the Holocaust, liberation was only the beginning. tells the story of the struggle European Jews faced in trying to reach Palestine, which they hoped would become the new Jewish homeland. Simon Wiesenthal Center. Running Time: 116 minutes.
VIDEO 956.042 LON

Mah-Jongg: The Tiles that Bind (1999)
A light-hearted yet deeply moving portrait of the Asian- and Jewish-American women who play this centuries-old game. Running Time: 32 minutes.

On Orientalism (1998)
Edward Said explains his coined term, Orientalism as the study of the East, in particular Islam, through Western eyes. Historically, this has meant attacks on Islam and the perpetuation of false and misleading stereotypes about the religion of 1.2 billion human beings today. Running Time: 40 minutes.
VIDEO 950.07 EDW

Out! Making Schools Safe for Gay Teens
This video features empathetic, hard-hitting interviews with gay teens talking about the key issues in their lives and what it's like to be a gay teen. Includes a discussion guide. Running Time: 26 minutes.

Seeking Solutions with Hedrick Smith: Part 3: Hate Crimes (1999) Explores how two communities have responded to hate crimes. Running Time: 58 minutes.

Ties that Bind (1996)
U.S. immigration policies on the Texas-Mexico border are presented in this program. Unfolding in three segments, each is designed to facilitate classroom and group discussions. A discussion guide is included. Running Time: 56 minutes.
VIDEO 303.48 TIE

Growing Up Gay & Lesbian (1993)
Brian McNaught, an internationally acclaimed public educator on homosexuality, presents a compelling look at the challenges of growing up gay in a heterosexual world. Examine how people tackle the issues of self-acceptance and coming out to family and peers. Running Time: 57 minutes.


Arab-American Heritage
Journey to a Syrian market and bakery in New York City with its rich variety of traditional grains, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and desserts, learn how to make a mosaic picture frame, learn how to say a few words in Arabic, enjoy the animated folktale "The Three Princes" and sing along in a choral presentation of "Dike Dike," a traditional Arabic folksong. Running Time: 25 minutes.
J VIDEO 305.89 ARA

Children of Jerusalem series (7 titles Israeli/Arab)
Each episode provides a moving portrait of a day in the life of a young boy or girl living in this sacred, but war-torn city. Running Times: 26 minutes each.
J VIDEO 956.94 GES, ETC.

Going to Grandma’s Around the World
Animated adventure takes children on a lively journey to various countries around the globe as they learn to say "I love you Grandma" in ten different languages. Languages include: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Hungarian, Russian and Polish. Features a Fun Facts segment that introduces children to the cultures, customs and characteristics of each country. Running Time: 20 minutes.

How do you spell GOD? (1997)
The holy books, teachers, places, and days of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are described for young children with appreciation, liveliness, and humor in a direct, conversational style that eschews both contractions and big words. HBO kids. Running Time: 32 minutes.

Race (2001)
The three segments of this video will help teach elementary school students about the complex subject of race: where it comes from, what it means and how it affects relationships. Discovery Channel. Running Time: 25 minutes.

Two Children, Two Cultures
This two-part program recounts tales from Africa and Asia to give students a taste of the diverse cultures of the world. A two-page teacher's guide is also included. Running Time: 25 minutes.


Rosewood (American VHS)
It's January 1, 1923, and the African-American residents of Rosewood, Florida, have high hopes for the New Year. But when a lie stokes the fires of ignorance, a white mob razes the town into oblivion. It is up to a heroic black WWII veteran and a white shopkeeper to put aside their differences to save the lives of Rosewood's fleeing inhabitants. Running Time: 142 minutes.

Smoke Signals (American VHS)
A bittersweet comedy about two young Native Americans, Victor and Thomas, who leave their small town for an adventure in self-discovery. Running Time: 89 minutes.

Color of Paradise (Iranian VHS)
Mohammad joyfully returns to his tiny village on summer vacation from the Institute for the Blind, unaware of his father's intentions to disown him. Engaged to be married, the widowed man has kept Mohammad a secret from his fiancee, certain the boy's disability will destroy his only chance for happiness. With the wedding swiftly approaching Mohammad's future hangs precariously in the balances his father struggles against his destiny, unable to see the wonder of life and love that's so clear to his son. Running Time: 90 minutes.

Children of Heaven (Iranian VHS)
A young boy, Ali, loses his sister Zahra's school shoes. In order to stay out of trouble, the two come up with a plan to share Ali's shoes, but they must keep it a secret from their parents. Running Time: 83 minutes.

Divided We Fall (Czech DVD)
A daring comedy of ethics, Divided We Fall takes place during World War II in a small, Nazi-occupied town in Czechoslovakia. Josef and Maria, a childless couple, have withdrawn further and further from reality even as the war circles closer to their eerily quiet town. Josef's decision to sleep through a war he doesn't want to acknowledge is soon tested when the Jewish son of his former employer arrives in the middle of the night seeking refuge . Running time: 122 minutes.

Four Little Girls (American DVD)
On Sunday morning, Sept. 15, 1963, dynamite planted by the Ku Klux Klan, exploded in the 16th Street Baptist Church building. Under the fallen debris, the bodies of four girls were found. Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley died because of the color of their skin. Features archival film footage, home photographs, comments by surviving family members, and interviews with local and national figures of the time. Running Time: 102 minutes.
DVD 976.1 FOU

The Circle (Iranian DVD)
A woman gives birth to a baby girl. Little does she know, but she and her daughter are already unwanted. Three women are released from prison and their need for money leads them to take desperate measures. An unmarried woman seeking an abortion is rejected from her father's house by the violent threats of her brothers. Their crimes are vague, their guilt or innocence unimportant. Their paths cross, the suspense of their intrigues heightens. Their plights are often too tragically similar. Their world is one of constant surveillance, bureaucracy and age-old inequalities. But this stifling world cannot extinguish the spirit, strength and courage of the circle of women.


Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents. Collected and adapted by Sarah Conover. (j294.3 CON)
A collection of traditional Buddhist tales that can be enjoyed simply as stories of animals, monks, and men working through foolishness toward wisdom and delight. On a higher level the stories can also lead readers to an understanding of themselves and others.
J 294.3 CON

All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color. Katie Kissinger. (j612.7 KISS)
Using full-color photographs, the book showcases the diversity of human skin color and gives young children a simple, scientifically accurate explanation for how we get our skin color.
J 612.7 KISS

It’s Okay to Be Different. Todd Parr (K-3 PAR)
Bright, primary colored, child-like drawings get across the message to young children with text such as: “It’s okay to be missing a tooth” and “It’s okay to finish last”.
J K-3 PAR and PAR

I’m Like You, You’re Like Me. Cindy Gainer (jPb-e)
Discusses many aspects of diversity in basic terms for young readers. Illustrations and simple text explore ways in which children are alike and some ways they may be different.

Peace Tales . Margaret MacDonald. (j398.2 Mac)
Thirty-four folktales and lots of proverbs from all over the world illustrate the choices for either war or peace that are always around us.
J 398.2 MAC

Un Beso en Mi Mano (The Kissing Hand) . Audrey Penn .
A small raccoon is reluctant to leave his mother to go to school. The mother raccoon lovingly and patiently explains that her love will always accompany him. She kisses his paw and tells him to bring it to his cheek and remember her kiss anytime he feels lonesome or frightened. Children will love the fact that the raccoons go to school at night in a big old tree along with owls, moles, possums, mice, and bunnies.
J 468 PEN

Como El Grinch Robo La Navidad! (How the Grinch Stole Christmas) . Dr. Seuss. This translation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas loses none of the rhythm and fun of the English version.
J 468 SEU

Alphabet Fiesta: An English/Spanish Alphabet Story. Anne Miranda.
The author finds key words beginning with the same letters in both languages and wove them into a story." Thus, she has composed a truly bilingual tale about Zelda the zebra's friends, gathering for her surprise birthday fiesta at the zoo.
J 468 MIR

Adult Books

Blue Jean Buddha : Voices of Young Buddhists. By Sumi D. Loundon. Wisdom Publications, 2001
Young Buddhist Americans share their experiences of how Buddhism affects their lives.
294.3 BLU

Children learn what they live : parenting to inspire values. By Dorothy Law Nolte. Workman, 1998.
Dorothy Law Nolte presents a simple yet powerful guide to parenting: inspiring values by example.
649.1 NOL

Growing up Gay : the sorrows and joys of gay and lesbian adolescence. By Rita Reed. Norton, 1997.
The text and photographs in this book express both painful and joyful events in the lives of two young gay and lesbian adolescents.
306.76 REE

Growing up poor : a literary anthology. By Robert Coles. New Press, 2001.
This book presents a collection of eloquent and surprising stories, poems, and essays about growing up poor.
810.8 GRO

Hate crimes : criminal law & identity politics. By James B. Jacobs, Kimberly Potter. Oxford, 2000.
The New York Times Book Review calls this book, “an essential guide to the origin, politics, and enforcement of hate crime laws.”
364.1 HAT

Islam and the West. By Norman Daniel. Oneworld, 2000.
Eminent historian Norman Daniel presents an authoritative study of the complex relationship between Islam and the West.
297.283 DAN

Overcoming heterosexism and homophobia : strategies that work. Edited by James T. Sears and Walter L. Williams. Columbia U., 1997.
More than thirty essays provide ideas and strategies for affirming diversity and overcoming homophobia in a variety of cultural and occupational settings.
306.76 OVE

Hate hurts: how children learn and unlearn prejudice. Anti-defamation league, 2000. Hate Hurts is the Anti-defamation League’s “definitive handbook for adults and children on confronting and conquering bias and encouraging appreciation for our differences.”
323.1 STE

Uprooting racism: how white people can work for racial justice. By Paul Kivel. New Society, 1995.
Practical handbook covering timely issues such as affirmative action, immigration, and institutional racism.
305.8 KIV

What to do when kids are mean to your child. By Elin McCoy. Readers Digest, 1997.
A practical, easy-to-understand book about what parents can do to help their kids cope with being picked on and bullied.
649.1 MCC

Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? By Beverly Daniel Tatum. Basic Books, 1999.Beverly Tatum, professor of Psychology at Mount Holyoke College, delves into a number of race-related topics and questions.
305.8 TAT

Working together : diversity as opportunity. Edited by Angeles Arrien Berrett-Koehler, 2001.
An illuminating collection of inspirational and practical articles, written by a wide range of contributors including Mikhail Gorbachev and Norman Lear.
306.446 WOR

The raft is not the shore : conversations toward a Buddhist/Christian awareness. By Thich Nhat Hanh and Daniel Berrigan. Orbis, 2000. Profound discussion of the pursuit of peace and justice that was first published 25 years ago. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese monk and Zen master, and Daniel Berrigan is a Jesuit priest and poet who has been imprisoned because of his support of peace.
261.2 NHA

Silent no more : confronting America’s false images of Islam. By Paul Findley. Amana, 2001.
Congressman Paul Findley chronicles his discovery of the false stereotypes of Islam that remain in the minds of the American people, and the Muslim community’s progress in the United States.
297.29 FIN

Made in America : Immigrant students in our public schools. By Laurie Olsen, Herbert R. Kohl. New Press, 1998.
Stories of immigrant students at a prototypical public high school. Laurie Olsen’s stories and insights shed light on the process of immigrants adapting to U.S. society and school.
371.97 OLS

All love flows to the self : eternal stories from the Upanishads. By Thomas Egenes Samhita Productions, 1999.
New adaptations of some of the most beloved stories from the literature of India’s Vedic tradition.
294.5 RED

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